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Rock Opera is a St. Louis local band that provides high quality live entertainment for all kinds of audiences and events. The band delivers a captivating story of rock and roll music backed with elaborate vocal harmonies and instrumentation that will make you sing and dance all night long! Rock Opera performs a comprehensive catalog of songs that highlight the greatest eras of rock music, spanning from the countercultural anthems of the late sixties to the driving rhythms and grooves of the seventies, and beyond!


On guitar and vocals is Chris Miles. He enjoys writing music, hiking, and travelling with his wife.

On vocals and bass, Kevin Stanley is from Columbia, MO. He enjoys backpacking and playing acoustic guitar.

On vocals, guitar, and violin, Evan Hunt is from Appleton, WI. He enjoys hiking, traveling, photography, and woodworking.

On drums and vocals is Ron Kemm, who also enjoys hiking, traveling and playing pickleball with his wife.

On vocals and keyboard, Carl Schaefer provides an amazing array of sounds. He enjoys composing music, tennis, and travel.

At the sound board is Barry Newmark, who has always had a passion for music and technology. He also enjoys travel and spending time with family and close friends.

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