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Introducing, ROCK OPERA

- Harmonizing Timeless Classics of Rock ‘n’ Roll -


Are you looking to delight your patrons with a unique and professional production? Rock Opera will electrify your venue with a listening experience that keeps people talking and gives a lasting impression.

With Rock Opera, you get:

  • A Unique Entertainment Experience: Featuring a repertoire spanning the psychedelic 60s, soulful 70s, and electrifying 80s, Rock Opera engages listeners by performing songs with difficult and complex vocals that are seldom covered by other bands.

  • Five-Part Vocal Harmony: Prepare to be mesmerized by the group's vocal harmonies, delivering a powerful and captivating sound that truly honors the legends they cover.

  • Authentic Performances: Sit back and enjoy the sounds of iconic original studio tracks as Rock Opera carefully reproduces them live with high attention to detail and accuracy.

  • Professional Showmanship: With an emphasis on entertainment, Rock Opera’s focused energy and enthusiasm on stage will have your audience singing and dancing all night.

  • Dedicated Sound Production: With a dynamic mix of vocals and instrumentals, Rock Opera has a dedicated sound engineer and uses the latest digital equipment to deliver the absolute best clarity and balance at comfortable listening levels.

"Everybody is talking about your performance this year. They want you back next year!"

Rock Opera has captivated audiences all around the St. Louis area and beyond:

  • The Granada Theatre (Mount Vernon, IL)

  • The Club Room at the Clyde (Fort Wayne, IN)

  • Kirchenfest (Highland, IL)

  • Casa Loma Ballroom

  • Chase Park Plaza Hotel

  • Innsbrook Resort

  • Faust Park

  • Grant's Farm

  • St. Charles Wineries

  • Summer Park Concerts

  • Private Events

  • And much more...

Don't miss out on the opportunity to feature Rock Opera at your venue. With a limited number of dates available, please contact us today to schedule our services!


On guitar and vocals is Chris Miles. He enjoys writing music, hiking, and traveling with his wife.

On vocals and bass, Kevin Stanley is from Columbia, MO. He enjoys backpacking and playing acoustic guitar.

On vocals, guitar, and violin, Evan Hunt is from Appleton, WI. He enjoys hiking, traveling, photography, and woodworking.

On drums and vocals is Ron Kemm, who also enjoys hiking, traveling and playing pickleball with his wife.

On vocals and keyboard, Carl Schaefer provides an amazing array of sounds. He enjoys composing music, tennis, and travel.

At the sound board is Barry Newmark, who has always had a passion for music and technology. He also enjoys travel and spending time with family and close friends.

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